The Systematic Lightning Damnation jutsu is a powerful and destructive Jutsu Created by Zaskuare Uchiha and is widely considered the Precursor to the Chidori Jutsu that was created by the Sixth Hokage:Kakashi Hatake during his brief Time as a Konoha Genin, despite the fact that The Chidori is the More Controlled and/or Lethal Variant successor to the Systematic Lightning Damnation technique, the Chidori inherited no flaws, as the Systematic Lightning Damnation technique is a Astronomically Hard technique to Perfect let alone perform without in Damage done to the user's person. Despite the Fact that the SLD Technique is Just as damaging to the user it is the victim, Only a wielder of The Mangekyo Sharingan, Rinnegan, Rinnesharingan, and Wood Release Kekkei Genkai with a naturally possessed Uchiha and Senju Blood from a particular Parent's family line can perform the Technique without Cellular or Bodily Damage.