The Haizen Clan is a Legendary Clan of Konohagakure and is in a similar State to the Uchiha after the Nine-Tails Attack leaving only two members alive a brother and sister who were kidnapped by Orochimaru and Experimented on, the Boy Was the only Survivor of the Experiments and was named Asher. Until The Year Prior of The Abduction of The Fifth Kazekage, The Clan was effectively Extinct. Asher Learned His Sister Was Alive and Was in Fact in Konoha's Jail.

Asher Later Took Six Women As Concubines, To Ensure His Clan's Survival. These Women Were Twin Sisters and Non-Shinobi, Maya and Kaya, Anko Mitarashi and Kurenai Yuhi, and Hana Inuzuka and Shizune. Asher Himself Would Marry Former Teammate Aria Ozie of The Ozie Clan, Thus Bringing Them into the Fold.

Clan History

Clan Founding and Reputation

Very Little was Known about the Haizen Clans Origins, Save for their Incredible Battle Prowess, Long-Standing Feud With the Uchiha Clan, and Powerful Kekkei Genkai.

Downfall and Resurrection

Asher Haizen and His Sister Shira would Eventually Be


Clan Leaders

Due to the Nature of the Clan's Current Status, Only The Current Leader is Known:

Asher Haizen:

Asher is The Current Patriarch of The Haizen Clan, and Has Been In Charge For Forty Five Years.


The Clan Has Been Reformed As A Single Family, But due to the Nature of Both The Clan's Status and The Number of Lord Asher's Children, The Current Person In Line is Shira Haizen.

Kekkei Genkai


The Tatsugan is the Clan's Primary Kekkei Genkai, The Tatsugan is Notoriously Difficult to Awaken,


Mangekyo Sharingan


Ozie Clan's Kekkei Genkai

Because of Asher's Marriage to Aria Ozie, His Descendants By Her Have the Potential to Inherit Her Families Metalworking Kekkei Genkai