The rules for writing a price here are absolute and must be followed to the letter

They as follows:

DO NOT edit others Pieces unless there is a Clear Spelling mistakes in paragraphs, only other acceptable Instance is with the Authors permission With a Admins knowledge.

DO NOT Engage in Arguments or Controversial Conversations as it only leads to Frustration.

The words of the Owner of this wikia Are to be executed and followed, failure will result in a brief ban from the wikia, or worse should it be repeated.

As for Kekkei Genkai Creation you must have an Admins Permission, and if you use a preexisting Kekkei Genkai from the Naruto Manga, Anime or novels you must by all accounts and purposes have the corresponding Chakra Nature (i.è: Wind Release + Earth Release = Magnet Release, Fire Release + Wind Release = Scorch Release) and only The word Release positioned after the Nature Type or Nature Transformation will be accepted due to the way it is set out this way on the Narutopedia wikia.

For nature types and affinities you will require at least Two or three Secondary Affinities For it to be accepted.

please also be aware that it is not Necessary for you to