The Cursed Seals of Power is a special Form of Cursed Seals which when activated Boosts the Physical Power and Reaction time of the wielder. Through the use of Earth Release to strengthen their own Bodies, their physical power is amplified to their fullest, while the use of Lightning Release Chakra is used to Stimulate the nervous system through the Electrically charged power.

Through the use of Sage Art Ninjutsu Chakra and Natural Energy the New properties are further enhanced, however without the stabilising Abilities of the Cursed Seals of Evolution and Pressure, the bodies Ability to control and Regulate the Power results in an outcome akin and identical to that of the End result of using the Eighth Gate of the Eight Gates Taijutsu Style of Combat.

Cursed Seal of the Toad

Cursed Seal of the Slug

Cursed Seal of Power

Cursed Seal of Storms

Cursed Seal of Pressure

Cursed Seal of Evolution